ASTM Grease Working Machine (ASTM D217)

2 Test Place, Motorized Electronic Display, Quick Checking and Indexing


  • Tribotesters
  • Tribology
  • Tribotesting
  • Grease Testing
  • Automated 2 place Grease Worker
  • Grease working machine
  • ASTM D217
  • Shear Stability
  • Penetration
  • D4950
  • IP 50
  • ISO 2137
  • DIN 51804
  • FTM 791-311
  • 791-313
  • Petroleum Testing


These machines are available for either single or double worker operation at a speed of 60 strokes per minute, the number of strokes being continuously indicated by an automatically indexing counter. The counter can be preset for any number of strokes, the counting gear automatically disengages the indexing contact to stop the machine. Since the handles of workers for use in grease working machines have to be designed to form a bearing, only specifically constructed grease workers can be used.
The grease worker is intended for use with the penetration tests conforming to FTM 791-313 specifications. This worker is similar in its dimensions to the one specified by ASTM D 217-DIN 51 804-IP 50 but equipped with a plunger plate having 270 ( 1/16' dia.) holes.

17-0001 Grease working machine

Two-place model for electrical operation and automatic control, comprising: heavy base plate, grease-worker quick-chucking, electronically controlled counting mechanism (six digit ) with digital display automatically indexing, gear motor with crank flanges, present to make 60 strokes per minute. Exclusive of grease workers. For 220 V/50 Hz. ( Specify voltage while ordering )

17-0002 Grease Worker ASTM (D217-IP 50-ISO2137)

To fit grease working machine including 51-hole worker plate and bi-metal thermometer, cast bronze handle designed as a guide bearing.

7-0003 Grease Worker FTM 791-313

To fit grease working machine including 270-hole worker plate and bi-metal thermometer, handle designed as a guide bearing.

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