Customized Abrasion Tester (wear & friction)


  • Customized Abrasion Tester
  • Wear
  • Friction


The above rig comprises of a CI base (1.5mtr x 0.75 mtr) with approx. 2.5" in height with supporting ribs. The base duly hardened shall be a table top model. Two GUIDE RODS of EN 35 material (approx. 1.5 mtr long) and another guide rod (of approx. 0.75 mtr) for traversing in perpendicular motion (for switching over to the next test track) shall be mounted on these supporting ribs. The test rig shall have a provision of 10 test tracks of 1 meter long with a RUNNER (in the form of Cast Iron Bracket mounted on the Guide rod/s) for traversing the TEST TRACK length. This travel of the runner shall be mounted on 6 nos linear motion bearings. The runner travel shall be accomplished by 2 x HP AC electric motors (with a single speed 40 rpm gear box) mounted on the bracket for traversing in X & Y directions. The user shall have the option of pre-selecting the speed of the travel by means of a AC variable drive (to be provided by the customer).

A series of MICRO SWITCHES & a timer (mounted at the end of the each test track) shall guide the runner the length of the test and that the user shall have the option to reverse the motion (in X) or to go for the fresh test in the next subsequent track. The motor shall be coupled with a 1.5 pitch gear box to produce 40 rpm speed for traversing in both X & Y directions. There'd be a lifting arrangement at the end of the track (of the upper specimen holder) in the form of a solenoid valve. A specimen holder shall be mounted on the RUNNER bracket with a tool to accommodate different geometries/shapes of the upper "POLYMER SPECIMEN". This holder shall have a in-built HEATER to heat the upper specimen to 300 deg C (the temperature indicating controller to be provided by the client) and a strain gage LOAD CELL (mounted on the top of the Specimen holder) to measure the FRICTIONAL FORCE (f). The test rig shall have a provision of tightly clamping the Abrasive Cloth/Paper on both the ends and a 1" deep bath for wet lubricating environment.

The user shall have the option to conduct a single test on a single test track and or to select an option to conduct a series of 10 tests on all the 10 different test tracks. The rig shall have a dead weight loading system to accommodate max. load of 200 N.

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