PC controlled High Frequency Reciprocating Test Rig for Diesel Fuel Lubricity & Lubricants tests


  • adhesive wear
  • diesel fuel lubricity
  • fuel lubricity
  • lubricity


This model is a computer controlled “FULLY AUTOMATED” reciprocating friction and wear test system which provides a fast, repeatable assessment of the performance of fuels and lubricants. It is particularly suitable for wear testing of relatively poor lubricants & diesel fuels like for boundary friction measurements   of engine oils, greases & other compounds. Developed by a group of Tribologists having a combined experience of over 60 years in the field of Tribology

HFRR Applications:

  • Evaluation of new Diesel, Gasoline & Lubricants additives

  • Determination of optimum additive dosages for raw fuels

  • Quality for outgoing products & incoming materials to ensure conformity with specs.

  • Boundary friction coefficient measurements for automobile fuel economy modeling

Operating Concept

The test method measures the lubricity, or ability of a fluid to affect friction between, and wear to surfaces in relative motion under load. The system is entirely controlled by PC via a custom electronic interface. The entire process from loading of the specimen, attaining the temperature, achieving  the required pre-defined frequency to maintaining the required defined / set load during the test duration (please note that the load tends to increase due to the heating of the specimen & the test sample), controlling the stroke length to the:

Ø      measurement of frictional force

Ø      calculated value of the coefficient of friction (at any particular time of friction/wear)

Ø      scar measurement

is automated and controlled by the software.

All the test parameters can be pre-defined / or set manually for the test sequence and controlled by a simple menu-driven control software. The software times the test, logs friction coefficient, temperature & specimen contact resistance at user defined intervals.

The mechanical unit uses an electromagnetic drive to oscillate the upper test ball against a fixed lower plate/disc. The digital control system and the absence of bearings and sliding components in the   mechanical unit ensures absolute repeatability of stroke length and frequency. Accurate & repeatable loading is ensured by using an automated loading arrangement (not a dead weight loading arrangement used normally). Platinum RTD temperature probes are used for the specimen and safety cut-out temperature measurements. Piezo electric transducers are used for very precise measurements of load, friction & amplitude/stroke length. Humidity probe to record the RH trace in the bath in the software.


Collected data is displayed in a graph form during the test. It is continuously updated, saved in text format and can easily be recalled (on-line during the test/off-line from recorded data) and printed.


Wear scar measurements/dimensions are done automatically (in x, y & z axis) thru the microscope and saved in the respective test data/log file automatically for online / offline analysis.


State of the art menu-driven software is used for running the tests & recording the data. The software also allows multiple temperature steps & ramps during a single test - widely used for lubricant boundary friction measurements. The software allows the user to pre-define the graphs and recall the earlier recorded test data online (real-time : during the test) for off-line analysis:


The software controls ensure the user-set limits to maintain the safety of the equipment and will shut down in case of any failure due to any reason.



The complete system comprises of:

  • Mechanical Test Unit
    With upper and lower specimen holders, with standard test specimen/s
    (6mm & 10 mm ball and 10 mm / 21 mm disc/plate)

  • Data Acquisition & Control System
    Controls Stroke length, reciprocation frequency, temperature and load.
    Logs all test measurements to spreadsheet compatible file for printout, storage for on-line / off-line detailed analysis.
    This also includes IBM-PC (Laptop or Industrial PC) with all the interface hardware between PC & the test unit along with the colored ink jet printer

  • Microscope  (for manual scar measurement)

  • Humidity Cabinet – Window mounted that controls the humidity of the entire lab. room

  • Set of 50 test specimens

  • Extra set of Heater Cartridges

  • User Manual

  • Tool Set (Allen keys)


Frequency 20 to 200 Hz
Stroke Length  20µm to 3 mm
Load 0 to 1.5 kg
Temperature Ambient to 150°C as standard, Higher Power heaters to 250°C optional


Type  PC based digital controller
Software Custom Windows software “Tribotech Controller”
Functions  Controls:  Load, stroke length, reciprocation frequency, temperature and test duration.
  Allows recalling of test data file for REAL-TIME ANALYSIS
Safety Software monitors & controls the defined limits
Data Logging Logs, friction coefficient, temperature  & % film at user defined intervals
File Format ASCII tab determined text, easily imported into any spreadsheet application
Electrical Supply 100/120/230/240V AC,  50/60 Hz  (please specify while ordering)

Order As:  Cat. # 009- 0072

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