Fully Automated Oscillation, Friction & wear test rig


  • abrasive wear

  • additive screening

  • additive synergy

  • adhesive wear

  • aerospace materials

  • anti-wear properties

  • automotive materials

  • automatic transmission fluids

  • bioengineering materials

  • bore polish

  • boundary lubrication

  • brittle materials

  • cam shaft materials

  • ceramics

  • chemisorption

  • clutch lubricants

  • coatings

  • composite materials

  • contact resistance measurement

  • corrosion and wear

  • crankcase lubricants

  • CV joint lubricants

  • cylinder liner materials

  • decomposition of lubricants

  • delamination wear

  • detergency screening

  • diesel fuel lubricity

  • diesel pump materials

  • drawing lubricants

  • drilling mud lubricity

  • dry contact conditions

  • dynamic friction

  • electrical contact lubrication

  • extreme pressure properties

  • extrusion

  • face seals

  • ferrous materials

  • films

  • finger follower materials

  • forming lubricants

  • fretting corrosion

  • fretting wear

  • friction coefficient

  • friction modifier screening

  • fuel efficiency screening

  • fuel lubricity

  • FZG test simulation

  • gearbox lubricants

  • grinding fluids

  • HFRR

  • hertzian contact

  • high frequency reciprocating test rig

  • high temperature lubricants

  • humid conditions

  • hydraulic fluids

  • hypoid gear lubricants

  • load carrying capacity

  • lubricity

  • machine tool slideway lubricants

  • marine lubricants

  • metal matrix composites

  • micro-welding

  • mild wear

  • mixed lubrication

  • non-ferrous materials

  • non-petroleum mineral oils

  • oxidative wear

  • paint films

  • physisorption

  • pin on disc

  • pin on plate

  • piston ring groove

  • piston ring materials

  • piston skirt materials

  • plastics

  • powder metallurgy

  • quality control testing

  • reciprocating seals

  • refrigerant lubricants

  • screening of lubricants

  • scuffing

  • seals

  • self-lubricating materials

  • sequence VI EFEI screening

  • slide/roll

  • space applications

  • SRV test specimens

  • static friction

  • stick-slip

  • surface engineering

  • surface finish

  • surface treatments

  • synthetic base oils

  • tribology

  • tribotesting

  • tribotesters

  • technical ceramics

  • TU3 screening tests

  • valve seat materials

  • wear coefficient

  • wear measurement


The IMPERIAL OFT - High Frequency Friction Machine is a versatile test instrument for the evaluation of lubricants and the friction and wear properties of materials in dry and lubricated reciprocating sliding or rolling/sliding contact conditions. It is an advanced research and development tool for lubricants, materials, coatings and surface treatments.  This is a similar version of  Cat. # 009-0072  IMPERIAL HFRR –Automated but with additional enhanced capabilities (like load, frequency, amplitude and temperature)


ASTM D5706  "Standard Test Method for Measuring Friction and Wear Properties of Lubricating Grease Using a High Frequency Linear-Oscillating Test Machine"
ASTM D5707 "Standard Test Method for Determining Extreme Pressure Properties of Lubricating Grease Using a High Frequency Linear-Oscillating Test Machine"
ISO/DIN 12156-2 "Diesel Fuel Lubricity - Performance Requirement Test Method for Assessing Fuel Lubricity"


The OFT-High Frequency Friction Machine is supplied with its own floor standing bench and with a bench-top control unit incorporating a Interface Module, which is connected to a host PC with TRIBOTECH CONTROLLER sequence control and data acquisition software installed. The system provides sequence control of load, frequency and temperature plus data acquisition of measured parameters.


The moving specimen is mounted in a specimen head. A number of geometries can be accommodated by using a range of simple clamping fixtures. The specimen is oscillated mechanically against the fixed lower specimen. This test rig constitutes of Electromagnetic drive enables the user for enhance loads up to 200 kg’s, and higher temperatures of up to 900°C (as optional).


Frequency   :   1 to 500 Hz

Stroke Length   :   20µm to 4 mm

Load   :   0 to 200 kg

Temperature   :   Ambient to 250°C as standard, Higher Power heaters to 900°C optional


Type   :   PC based digital controller

Software   :   Custom Windows software “Tribotech Controller”

Functions   :   Controls:  Load, stroke length, reciprocation frequency, temperature and test duration.

                    Allows recalling of test data file for REAL: TIME ANALYSIS

Safety   :   Software monitors & controls the defined limits

Data Logging   :   Logs, friction coefficient, temperature  & % film at user defined intervals

File Format   :   ASCII tab determined text, easily imported into any spreadsheet application

Electrical Supply   :   100/120/230/240 V AC,  50/60 Hz  (please specify while ordering)

Order As : Cat. # 009-0073 IMPERIAL OFT  (Oscillation, friction & wear test rig)

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